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Culturebie Launches New Employee Listening Software

Ann Arbor people-analytics company offering a free six-month trial of its employee feedback survey platform to Michigan-based companies

ANN ARBOR, MI, December 13, 2022 – Technology company Culturebie announced today it is offering a free six-month trial of its employee listening platform to Michigan-based small- and medium-sized companies. Interested companies must register with Culturebie between today and January 15, 2023 at www.culturebie.com/michigan-offer to access the trial.

According to April 2022 data from ASE, Michigan’s largest employer association, Michigan companies are facing particularly high employee turnover rates; in 2021, rates were 17%, which can be compared to a less than 10% rate before the pandemic. Additionally, Gallup reported in 2022 only 33% of employees nationwide are engaged at work. Culturebie founder and CEO Jasmit Kaur strives to help improve these dire statistics by helping companies better listen, understand, and respond to employees’ needs, and in turn, retain and engage top talent and build high-performing workplaces.  

“Employee disengagement and turnover cost companies millions of dollars a year, and employee listening platforms can help address these issues,” said Jasmit. “Unfortunately, most analytics platforms aren’t affordable for small- and medium-sized businesses, which comprise the large majority of Michigan’s employment market. Culturebie offers the only analytics platform that connects employee feedback with business results on the market today. It could be a game-changer for companies to get data-driven insights in real-time.”  

Leaders and HR professionals can build custom surveys, including using validated survey questions from its library. Then, in real-time, Culturebie crunches and analyzes responses and packages them in custom storyboards, dashboards, and heatmaps, as well as gives companies access to raw text comments, while maintaining employee confidentiality. The easy-to-use interface lets the user slice, dice, and segment data.  

“Culturebie’s analytics tools have been trustworthy, cost-effective, and insightful. Their team is flexible and responsive even under tight timelines, which is critical because people and culture issues are often time-sensitive,” said Culturebie client Erin Swartout, director of talent and org development for Masco. “Instead of simply communicating dashboards and spreadsheets, Culturebie delivers a data-driven story that pinpoints key issues and paints a clear picture about what we are doing well and where we have work to do. With the use of Culturebie’s technology, we've freed our time from number crunching and can focus more on taking strategic actions.”    

“The number one complaint employees have about surveys is that management doesn’t do anything with the responses. We’ve found that this is primarily because responses are hard to understand and analyze,” said Jasmit. “Culturebie does the work for you and significantly reduces the time it typically takes to create and deploy a survey and then address employees’ needs.”  

Watch the demo and sign up for the free trial at www.culturebie.com/michigan-offer.

About Culturebie

Culturebie is a people analytics company that specializes in understanding employee experience and workplace culture. Founder and CEO Jasmit Kaur brings over a decade of experience as a former HR executive at Microsoft to her work as an entrepreneur and data scientist. Learn more about Culturebie on its website and follow Culturebie on LinkedIn.

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