Interested in a FREE TRIAL? Write to us at
Interested in a FREE TRIAL? Write to us at
Interested in a FREE TRIAL? Write to us at
Interested in a FREE TRIAL? Write to us at
Interested in a FREE TRIAL? Write to us at
Interested in a FREE TRIAL? Write to us at
Workforce Analytics Platform

Build employee experience and culture like the best companies do.

Culturebie gives you insights to build a high-performance culture where people thrive.

Get timely and precise answers to your people & culture questions.

Are you at risk of losing your top performers?

Do employees feel they are being treated fairly?

How can you get hybrid work to work for you?

How can you manage organization changes more effectively?

Why are you having trouble retaining your female engineers?

Do your employees understand your organization's strategy?

Listen better, act faster

Free up your time for taking action.

  • 1

    No more tedious number crunching!

    We don’t bog you down with endless charts and dashboards. Our algorithms execute complex stats on your data so you don’t have to. We pinpoint issues, interpret the findings, and then tell you where to focus your energy.
  • 2

    Reveal your "unknown unknowns"

    You can’t ask everything on a survey. We combine comments and numeric information to uncover true “unknown unknowns” about your employees’ experience.
  • 3

    A complete picture of organization effectiveness

    We tell your people and culture story by connecting data across your employee listening framework and business metrics.
Trusted by leading companies

From employee feedback data to actionable insights

Backed by psychology and data science, fundamentally human in approach, Culturebie's analytics and real-time insights provide unparalleled insights to help you measure, support, and elevate your people's performance.

Employee Engagement

  • Culturebie's surveys give you the most accurate measure of how your people are doing and real, robust insights that you can act on to build an energized, inspired, and passionate workforce


  • Strengthen Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategy by looking at the total employee experience spanning across hiring, development, performance, growth, and exit.

Assessing Change Readiness

  • Be it organization strategy shift, a digital transformation project, or an organization restructure, Culturebie tracks progress, patterns, and learnings that enhance your change strategy.

Managing Hybrid Work

  • As companies are settling into new ways of working, it is more important than ever to stay in tune with employee experience. Culturebie gives insights to help companies adapt Hybrid policies and practices effectively.

Driving Safety Culture

  • Our tools and expertise give you actionable insights into your current safety culture and where you can find opportunities to improve.

Gaining Leadership Insights

  • Leverage Leadership 360 Feedback data to gain insights about areas for developing leaders and the leadership team.
Customers love it

IFI Techsolutions

Uncovering Burnout among Employees during Covid-19 pandemic.
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Ankur G.
Founder and Partner
“We’ve learned the hard way that collecting data is difficult to interpret and get actionable insights. If not for Culturebie, we would not have seen [our employee’s responses] from this lens…we would have missed those insights.”
Samiksha H.
HR Manager
“Culturebie really made it painless to analyze our results quickly, and we got much deeper insights than previous surveys. We were able to spend that time and energy using those insights to strengthen the business.”
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Get quarterly updates and insights to cultivate a high performing, thriving company.

Solve your biggest people challenges

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