Why we are building Culturebie

An organization’s people are what drive results.

If you believe that, then having answer to questions like - what do employees think about your strategy, your culture, your ability to manage change, your work environment, your commitment to employee growth? – is what you need to lead them effectively. But finding answers to such questions is not easy. It requires very specific expertise and the ability to blend various sources of HR data together in a concise and meaningful way that most companies, large or small simply do not have.

Culturebie is founded by people who have practiced the art and science of understanding employees at some of the world’s most successful and respected organizations. What they learned is based on real-life experience, not theory. They combined their expertise with very powerful technology to put the capability into your hands to ask meaningful questions and get answers about your people and culture.

Your HR teams get the best insights at the most reasonable price and effort. More importantly, with these insights, they can execute on the the people strategy more effectively. Unlike other HR Analytics companies that will only provide your with simplistic dashboards without any deep analysis, Culturebie goes the extra mile to take data like — surveys, performance evaluations, employee comments — and analyze it to provide scientifically accurate insights that are presented in plain narratives that anyone can understand. These insights are the HR Intelligence you need to go beyond the high-level whats of your culture and start truly understanding the whys and hows.

If you truly believe that you are a people-focussed company, then Culturebie is your go-to HR analytics company.

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