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Powerful insights to build a culture where people thrive

We believe that people are what drive an organization's success. So, understanding employees is an essential part of a company’s strategy.

We are different than other providers of HR analytics.  Our difference stems from our backgrounds.  Jasmit partnered with executives at Microsoft for a decade on their people and culture strategy.  Microsoft leaders always trying to understand patterns of employee movement (like staffing, turnover, transfers, promotions) what employees thought about the company culture, strategy, change and other aspects of their work environment.  Fortunately, Microsoft had an army of skilled analysts that had the capabilities to use Excel and other tools to create pivot tables, and slice and dice data ad nauseum, and produce the answers to such questions.

Well, most organizations and their HR teams do not have the skills and resources to use analytical software like Microsoft and other large, particularly technology, companies do.  But, leaders at other companies still ask the same questions that Microsoft leaders did. So, Jasmit decided to build an HR analytical platform that would provide HR teams with the capabilities to get data-driven insights, but without the need to learn complex analytical tools and spend time on tedious number-crunching.  She teamed up with Joseph, an artificial intelligence expert and a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Together, we built the most comprehensive and easy-to-use and understand HR analytics platform in the market today.

What we are proud of is that we built something that can accept data from multiple HR sources (or a single source like a survey) but then allow for slicing and dicing of data, drill-down capabilities (to understand details) and even drill-through capabilities (to better understand the whys) to help HR better understand employees and better answer management questions. This allows HR to be more strategic in the organization while we handle the tactical aspects for them. We believe that we have the right product for HR departments of companies of any size and any industry that believe that their employees are the most important asset and understanding employees and subsets of these employees is an essential part of their strategy.

At the end of the day, we envision a world in which employees everywhere lead meaningful, highly productive work lives, supported by perceptive HR teams, and led by enlightened leaders with a deep understanding of their people… leaders who know that in the long term, culture is everything.

Jasmit and Joseph

At Culturebie, we believe that it is the right of every leader to understand their people.

To that end, we strive to deliver end-to-end systems for understanding organizations. Drawing on our deep experience with data science, AI, human resource management, and organizational psychology, we build modular systems that can take whatever people data you have – from employee polls to performance evaluations, from recruitment data to exit interview notes – and seamlessly integrate them to provide accurate, plain-English narratives about the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s evolving culture.

Our output visualizations not only show the high-level whats, they allow you to drill down into the whys. Our systems do the tedious, hard slog of data collection and rigorous analytics, so that you can focus on what really matters – strategy and culture.  

Meet our crew

About the founders

We’re a down-to-earth group of professionals with decades of experience, building value-oriented software for businesses, rooted in our mission to help cultures thrive.

Jasmit Kaur

Co-founder and CEO

Joseph Mroz

Co-founder & CTO

John Vander Meulen

VP Sales and Customer Success
What shapes our day-to-day work

Our values


We are absolutely committed to providing the fastest, highest-quality, most useful insights for our customers. That is why we exist.  The world is moving very fast and unexpected things happen (read"pandemics"). Timely and powerful insights would lead to timely and pointed action!


We will always maintain employee data confidentiality. We will create transparency question on how employee data (including their feedback) on surveys is used. Building our trust with companies and their people is foundational to what we do!


Using our applications should be easy. It shouldn’t not require intense trainings and manuals to navigate. Data visualizations should help answer more questions and not create more questions. We love things to look beautiful.


Everything we do is aimed at making people thrive at work. We understand the data we use is fundamentally human - It impacts how people experience their workplace. It is not just about hard facts and numbers. At the end of the day, our work should make life better for employees.

Ultimately, we envision a world in which employees everywhere lead meaningful, highly productive work lives, supported by perceptive HR teams, and led by enlightened leaders with a deep understanding of their people… leaders who know that in the long term, culture is everything.

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